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Can non-Fiverrs leave feedback/reviews?

Hi! I’m new to Fiverr but I have been an editor for a while, so I have clients I’ve already worked with and I would love for them to write some reviews on my page to get the ball rolling, but it seems like they can’t leave a review if they haven’t bought the service through Fiverr… Is there any way around this? For non-Fiverr customers to leave reviews on gigs on Fiverr?

Thank you.


Nope, only people who have purchased a gig from you on Fiverr can leave a review.


In addition to what @vickiespencer said, that would be seen as review manipulation, and could get you banned from Fiverr.


Thanks for posting question here @christinejorg . I totally agree with @catwriter and @vickiespencer it’s the violation of Fiverr’s TOS. If you’re a new or experienced seller on Fiverr I would recommend you to read the Fiverr Terms Of Services page every month or twice in 6 months.

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