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Can not access customer support!

When i am clicking on customer support button under the page it showing 404 page! What’s wrong with me?

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Hi @wayesparash You can try again with another browser or another pc. Hope it will fix.

Here’s the correct link -

The one at the bottom of Fiverr’s pages is wrong for some reason.


No, It’s not working. But what’s wrong? I reset my 2 browsers then login but not working!

thanks, this link working :heart_eyes:

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@wayesparash now you can try with internet explorer.

Thanks for reply …

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You are welcome! @wayesparash

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try with another browser right now. Hope it will work.

@aftabhashmi @smfrajobs - it’s nothing to do with the browser - it’s the link that’s wrong.

Glad you got it sorted @wayesparash. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, I got that point.

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