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Can not create a new gig

Hi, I am not able to create a new gig.

Um, what you wrote is too vague. Tell us more.

What’s exactly happening when you try to create the gig?

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Yes. Explain your question clearly. :grinning:

Tell us in details, What’s exactly happening?

please check below tell me what is the problem

That’s still too vague.

In any case we’re just buyers and sellers in the forum. We can’t identify bugs or correct them.

Contact CS or wait for it to clear.

what is the error sir ?

Looks like a ‘failed’ test, based on the URL. So, whichever gig needs a ‘pass’ to complete.

In which case, it’s not a ‘cannot make a gig’ but ‘cannot publish a gig’, which is, indeed, a completely different problem.