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Can not deliver orders (incredlibly urgent)

Hey guys,

Do any of you have the same problems?

I send the delivery message, upload the files, but the counter continues to run and the order status remains as “In Progress”

In simple words: I can not deliver anything. What’s going on?

I have contacted support but it will take time until they reply.

Here is another screenshot.

PS: I should write Incredibly and not Incredlibly, but I am so anxious about this I can’t even think. I would appreciate your help.

I had that happen a few times a few weeks back but it got fixed within a day after I notified customer support. Yes it’s nerve wracking. Hoping they get it fixed quickly for you. If any orders go late I’m sure they will straighten it all out.

I had that yesterday, along with the custom order glitch. I just redelivered with a quick explanation and it went through–HOWEVER the buyer couldn’t download it so I had to resend. Anyway, it’s a glitch. Nothing to get anxious about, just redeliver with explanations and mail customer support if you’re worrying to the point of being unable to think. Don’t worry about things that aren’t your fault!

Thank you both for your comments!

Let’s see how support will solve this.