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Can not download the source file attachment


My customer facing a problem that he can not download the source file attachment
The problem say " upgrade your delivery to include the source file
What we can do to fix that
Pls help


Maybe you forgot to include “Source file” option when sent him a request.
Deliver source file via chat


So I got a workaround to the issue, although it’s not the official way. Now on your side you also have the ability to download the files after you upload them to your client. Simply click on download then stop the download. Now go to your canceled download on the browser or download manager and right click the choose copy download link. Then send this to him or her, it should download automatically once they click it. Note that this link has a expiry time.


That’s a good fix
But there is no guarantee that he could cancel the order after he took the link
And I loss the order money
and I got one canceled order on my profile


Does this method works?
I thought that AWS issues the download access through dynamic links that works with IP authentication.

You need to include the “Include source file” extra in your gig packages and while sending custom offers to avoid this.


Maybe that happen although I don’t remember missing doing that


Yes it works I have used many times. When you upload a link to fiverr it is no longer attached to a specific ip hence can be shared. I might be wrong but the method had worked. Since I don’t display my clients work, I get their permission to showcase it to potential buyer, so I use those links.
With some skill you can also use the same links as embeds for videos so that when a person clicks them, instead of downloading the video the video starts to play.


Hmm. Good idea. We can also shorten it using a link shortner for a better look. :slight_smile:


I usually don’t shorten them because you may find that some link shorten redirect you two times before landing on the original link. Google might even at times delete you link just because they feel like it.


If the buyer is after stealing your work there are many ways to do so, you only need to believe that he or she is legit


Thank you guys for help
I will give him a link