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Can not find my gig in search?


Tried searching my gig with keywords like my username ‘GeeOne’, ‘Signature links’ and ‘Digital Point’

The search is not showing my gig related to ‘Offering signature link of Digtal Point’

Wondering why ?



Reply to @oranjegirl:

Thanx, but here I can’t see two gigs out of all posted :frowning:



I find the search’s “hits” to be poor, overall, too.

In order to find the better hits (gigs), I often have to scroll down, and down, and down, and down.


Since they changed the search to load all the results in the same page things are not the same. I dont think that method is very good.


@geeone - Your gigs came up no problem when I did a search for your username…


Even I have the same problem,

I cannot see my gig in search results, but I can see it when i search with my user name.

But nobody will search with my name right?

Any clues seniors in fiverr?




I think this has happened due to couple of edits in gig.



I’m facing the same problem, can’t see my gigs on fiverr search, I searched by my username and found two of my three gigs…


Reply to @video_promotion:

Let me tell you what template message support will give you about your issue:

"We do not guarantee where your gig will be placed in the search results and we will not be able to manually place your gig higher in the search. We suggest using the promote tab to promote your gig which will help get some outside exposure."

So asking support this days is kinda usless.


The same thing happened to me. In my gig and key word section I used the acronym rsi but if you search for rsi Fiverr replies with no matches found?!


they don’t appear in search results…this is one thing but they also don’t appear in recent gigs :frowning:


Search on seller does not work! Does everybody have this issue? I searched on my own user name (a seller) and found nothing. I then did searches on several sellers and they didn’t show up either - not even the famous Madmoo! This was using the search box (with the magnifying glass) in the top right corner of the home page. After you do your search, under the text that says "User results for ‘artbug’ ", it will say (in small print) “Looking for users containing ‘artbug’? Click here …” and if you click on that then you often seem to find the seller you are looking for. To me, this seems like Fiverr’s way of discouraging buyers from searching for a particular seller. Maybe I am missing something but if that is what Fiverr is up to, it is offensive. If it is not what they are up to, they should fix it! Everybody complains about Fiverr’s search function.


Reply to @artbug: Here is a little update. By putting my user name in the gig title itself I was finally able to search directly on and find my user name using the search box at the top right of the home page (the box with the magnifying glass next to it). It took several hours for it to begin showing up but this did work.


I’m honestly considering some paid fiverr promotion. Something like twitter and web ads. Seriously, this is not normal and if we’re going to get robotic responses it’s time to go black hat!


Cust0mcr3ationz, that is seriously bad advice! Are you trying to get me blocked by Google for using black hat methods?


I can’t see both my user name and gigs in search, anyone can help?


me too i cant see my gigs here in fiverr …whenever i upload the fiverr page i see the same gigs, same person…luck they have!


Reply to @artbug: I have the issue too. Isn’t there a way I can see my gig, not going to edit my gig?


hello; I tried this gig thing had to redo several times, then it said active this has been almost two weeks cant find my gig at all any way shape or form, except from my dashboard, page, help pleeze


They want you to promote your gig on social media.

They also want your gig “starred” by other people. If you ask all your friends to star it, people who haven’t used Fiverr yet just might.

The net result, if you do these things, is more traffic to Fiverr. They don’t really care if you yourself sell more gigs, only that they make more money.