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Can not find my user name nor my gigs, HELP!

I just helped a friend sign up with Fiverr, it seems shortly after I can’t find my user name nor any of my gigs. I’m also assuming whatever “gift” you’re suppose to get after signing up a friend isn’t going to be given to me since I’m unsearchable. Can someone please help?

Really? Because I clicked your name and found your user name and your gigs.

I typed in your name in the search bar ( rather than clicking on your name) and it did not come up. Which is what you said.

I did notice something just now, when you use the main search bar its not searching for users its searchers for gig that have that name in them. Just search for mystery and see what I’m talking about.

i think your account is removed from frverr search engine!!

@bjgrove, I see what you are saying. Thanks.

@logo_desing, where is the search for user bar?