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Can not find seller I ordered music from

I for some reason can not find the seller I ordered a music file from. I try to type her name or the order for the gig to see if I can find it, but sadly with no luck. All I know her name was lily and she did a song for me called in the see plus some artwork from someone whom she works with.

I had checked all of my emails but it keeps saying nothing with this result. I am not happy about this because her voice was stunning and that I left her a positive review.

If a member of staff is reading this message can you please pass me the details to contact them on so they can help me find what email I had used when placing the order.

Can you see the order with the seller you are looking for when you click on “orders->view all orders”? (obviously that’s in buying mode).

Hi @nathansmiddy948,

It’s really sad you can’t find your best seller. Did you check your previous order history?

Please try these steps

01. Please go to your orders page there you’ll have all previous and current orders.
02. Find the one you did with lily.
03. Click on the username. This will redirect to her profile.
04. If it brings the profile click on the contact seller. If not probably the user is not available now.

I hope this helps.


Well sadly I lost my details for the website :frowning: all I know her name was lily, and she did a song for me called in the sea, I did also order some artwork for it. I don’t know what proof I can provide, but I wish the staff can help me find what account I used to message her. If anyone can help I would very much appreciate1

This was the artwork for the song, and I know I left her a 5-star rating for both the song and the artwork.

But because I can’t find what email I used, I am stuck :frowning:

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Do you remember the Fiverr username you had when you ordered it?

edit: It could also be possible that the seller is no longer on Fiverr/deactivated account if the review is no longer on Fiverr.

That’s unfortunate if you forgot the email you were using before. But, have you tried to search the sellers having username as lily?
If you can search username having lily that will help you to if lily is still working on Fiverr.

Please see the attached image.

Hope this helps.

Happy Helping!


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Her username, no sadly I don’t. All I know she was a singer and she did a song for a gig. When I try to type the song name It still can’t find her account, is that telling me she had left the website?

I meant did you use a different username and Fiverr account when you ordered and reviewed her gig?

When you said you lost your details for the website I thought you might have meant your details for this website (your account details, so you might have had to create another account).

But if that’s not the case, and you ordered with your existing account, the order should still show under orders->view all orders, even if the seller no longer is on Fiverr (I ordered from someone who is no longer on Fiverr and it still shows me the order I made). If it doesn’t you can contact support.

I can only see 3 reviews you’ve made on Fiverr (with your username as shown on this thread) and none of them are for a song gig.

I had tried to look her username, her gig and still with no luck :frowning: It’s a shame I can’t seem to find other ways to find her account. From what I do recall from the messages is that she was based in the USA, but she was from the UK until she moved to the USA.

If you’re searching with the exact keyword you searched before and her service is not listed there are three situations for that.

  1. Her service is de-ranked to lower positions and you need to see on next pages.
  2. She’s not providing the same service. That’s why you can’t find her. You can find someone else offering the same service on
  3. She’s no more on You can find someone else offering the same service on

Hope this helps.

Happy Helping!


I know, because this was my old account, I did made one when I did place an order with her and I still can’t find her account, I know she used lily something on her username and she did in fact offer a song for one of her gigs.

If you know your account’s username that you used when you ordered her gig, you can search through Google for that which should show any reviews still in the Google index, that might show you her gig if it still exists.

Well to be fair, Her voice was so stunning that I would recommend others to order from her, I know she has a website and I did email her if she could help me link her account so that I could order from her again.

Well, I can’t remember what she had named the gig :frowning: it’s why I was hoping I could ask google to trace the photo I got done for the song to find her account, but still the same thing, no luck :sob:

You don’t need to know the name of the gig - just the username you used to order it should be enough if the review still exists in Google’s index.

I don’t recommend contacting outside fiverr. But I wish you could remember something about her. I hope you’ll find her.

Happy Helping


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All I know she did the song “In the sea” and the artwork for it. I hope people are not saying she left like :frowning:

You’ve to remember something like

  1. Username
  2. Keywords for the gig
  3. Your account details used to order.

Happy Helping


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You can’t find her using "In the sea"