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Can not see my inbox message

I am having problems with pages not loading on Fiverr. Such as I just got an email saying I have an inbox message. When I try to open it, the page is blank

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


no it’s not that - I have problems getting pages to load all the time, no matter what browser I use. And it happens on the main page for the products, my inbox etc etc. It’s very frustrating. PLEASE HELP!

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This actually happens to me often. When a customer sends me a script that has a phone number, email address, or something that the Fiverr robots think looks like we’re trying to contact each – they will not send the message. It will say there is a message, but nothing goes through.

The buyer typically doesn’t know this is going on. They think they sent you a message. I usually send them a message, explain what may be going on, and request that they send their project as an attachment, or spell creatively.

If they are a legit buyer, hopefully they get the message and you get the project… if not, maybe it’s better you didn’t get the message in the first place.

This doesn’t just happen in the inbox, it also happens when people buy gigs.


I also have a different problem relating to inbox. When i try opening messages to read it will try to open but then fail and says “For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly” just trying to read not contact … :((((

I cannot believe that no Fiverr rep has responded to this… I have this problem too. I cannot even open the message, nevermind contact anyone…

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