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Can not see profile page properly

Hello, I am a new arrival in fiverr but after just couple of days I am facing a problem! The problem is when I log in to my account the profile page upper side can not be seen properly! it remain down a little for which options get hide! I am using windows 7 ultimate version many one says in this windows this problem occurs! i have tried out with other browsers but the result is same. Only in my computer i am getting this problem when I log in to other everything is okay. I am looking for solution of this so that i can work from my own computer. Help please.

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your monitor resolution?

1024*600… other websites have no issue with that facing problem only in fiverr :confused:

change your browser if now works then check again your monitotr resolution

nope resolution is the problem on your pc.i had the same issue

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Try to change your internet provider!! That might help

Change your ISP. It might be data loading issues .

please tell me how u fixed it up

how to do that? i dont know anything about isp :confused:

this problem only happening in fiverr

what resolution should i set?

Isp means Internet provider :slight_smile:

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Are you using any JavaScript extension in your browser to disable JavaScript? Then, try after enabling Browser JavaScript.


i dont know! how to get know and how to enable? please tell me

Okay, go to your browser extensions page. If you found any extension of JavaScript then disable the extension.

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