Can not withdraw cleared funds!


Sent a ticket and received no help. Every time I click PayPal or deposit it says something went wrong. This is my income and I need help! I have tried everything.

Can not link PayPal or bank account to get money I earned
I can not link my PayPal to my fiverr

Only CS can help you I’m afraid - good luck! :slight_smile:


They are no help… I’m scared I’m going to lose 500$ this is absurd. Thank you


I am sorry, this is pretty serious stuff. I hope you come right quickly! :pray:


What did they say when you enquired about it?


Me too. I don’t under the why this is happening. The lady that answered my ticket gave me useless information. When I told her it was still not working I never heard back. My PayPal is green but when I press it, it says error. I have yet to link any PayPal or bank account


Now my ticket says solved! It was not solved. This is terrible. I’m contemplating ever using fiverr again


That’s why - you can’t withdraw your funds until you’ve linked PayPal or Payoneer etc.!

Setup PayPal and all will be well!


It won’t let me set up PayPal. When I click PayPal it says error


You need to set it up in your account settings before you can withdraw it.


Where in settings? My main email? Because I only see that and deactivate


I’m afraid only CS can help you.

Category change: Report a bug


Did you read the link I gave you?

Go to settings, billing - there’s a wee box that says ‘PAYPAL FOR WITHDRAWALS’ - that’s where you put your PayPal email address.


@thecreativeguys - not a bug, just hasn’t set up a payment method yet. :slight_smile:


That shows the funds are “clearing” and NOT available for withdrawal.


It’s not there I can send you screen shots


No hold on I have 120 cleared in green


Please, don’t post your income - it’s not a good idea.

Here’s the info from the link I sent - you need to setup PayPal on your account before you do anything.

14 days (ish) after your orders are completed, you’ll be able to withdraw them.


Let me highlight…


I have done this. When I click PayPal it says error. Gives me no chance to put a email in.