Can not withdraw money to payoneer


Hello guys !

I tried to withdraw my money in my payoneer account and it told me:

"You have reached the maximum amount of withdrawals per day. No action is taken. Try again tomorrow."

But I did not withdraw any penny today or last days.

Is not my first time when I withdraw money.

I opened a ticket yesterday but support in our days are so busy.

Can someone tell me what can I do ?

Thank You so much !


Yes, I tried even on my phone and same thing.

So sad :frowning:


Still nothing after ~40 hours.

Customer support seems dead.

No answer till now.


That is huge…

Thank You so much @kjblynx !


This video will be helpful for withdraw Fiverr money to Fiverr Revenue card(payoneer Card)


Reply to @cyberfantasy: sorry but I don’t see how this video could help this user…


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Reply to @arty182925: he’s been already reported to forum admins…


Reply to @mark74: It was kinda confusing where every payoneer thread is in front, but then we saw what really happen.