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Can one be a mediator in selling and buying

If I get an order of $20 and there is some difficulties for completeing the order, then can I buy that same project from another fiverr seller at low cost of $10 and then sell it to my customer. Is it against fiverr policy?

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It’s not against the policy to resell services you’ve bought on Fiverr. In fact, a lot of Fiverr is based on this. For example, I work as a voice over, and I often sell my services to people making explainer videos who need a voice for their clients. Other times, my client might need both a female and male voice. I might then order from another seller and re-sell that to my buyer.

Just make sure you purchase the gig with the correct rights.

In most cases, and unless specifically stated otherwise in the sellers gig, the copyright of a project is transferred to the buyer upon order completion, meaning you own the rights to resell that project if you want. Keep in mind that certain categories and sellers require you to get a buy-out if you want to own the rights, so make sure you’re within your rights to do so!

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Thank you sir…