Can one start stop taking a basic $5 gig?


My Gigs are already way over basic $5 in terms of the amount of time and effort I put into them. I’ve been working hard and now finally I’m only getting through to buyers who know the value of what I do and are willing to pay much more than a fiver.

At this stage, can I simply state in my Gig description that I don’t offer the basic $5 gig anymore or is that against Fiverr rules?

Please help. Thanks!


You MUST offer a basic gig for $5. However, there are some options for you and your situation.

You can reduce the amount of work/effort you offer for the base $5, and since you are a level 2 seller, you can add extras to your gig where you can build onto what your base gig offers for extra charge.


Reply to @arnevb: Yep. That is what gig extras are for… so that sellers can offer more to buyers than their basic $5 service/product for extra charge.

You don’t have to deliver high quality work with tons of time and effort put into it for only $5. As a level 1 or 2 seller, you have the ability to charge more.


Yea, wouldnt that be great “I wont do anything for $5, but if you buy my extras I will do…” If only. I would not have wasted lots of hours my first few weeks here frustrated giving away more than that I wanted for $5.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there are people here who actually do that. They make up some BS excuse why they cant fill the order so that you will upgrade to the add-ons.


Thank you all for your replies and tips. All of this helped.