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Can only reply in inbox, not in order

Just started today. Trying to respond to the animator I hired yesterday. Every time I push send the message just disappears. I finally figured out a workaround and the message goes through in our earlier pre-hire inbox, but not under our order. No idea if she;s seeing my new messages. Can someone let me know when this will be fixed?


Is the order “Completed”? it isn’t possible to send messages in the order message area once a gig is completed. What happens when you refresh that page?

The animator will get notified of your message in the same in the general message area as they do in the in gig message areas, anyway, so I wouldn’t worry.


I’ve had the same problem for a couple months now. So annoying!

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Hi- no the order is not completed. It just started yesterday. The animator didnt seem to see my responses in the inbox and kept messaging me in the order area, where my responses disappear as soon as I send them. I push send and it just refreshes the page. Anyway, hoping the animator will see my responses in the inbox.


Annoying! I would open a ticket with Support and report it if you haven’t already.

One temporary fix could be to see if the Seller can see the responses in his/her email inbox (assuming he has those notifcations turned on). Personally, I tend to check my email for Fiverr updates when I’m at my computer.

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If you look closely, there are two separate panels for replying to a seller. One is the “Notification” and the other is “Inbox”. If you reply to the seller in Inbox, it won’t show on the order page. You have to reply to the seller on the order page by going in the “Notifications” panel and selecting the right order(by seeing the username of the seller) and then replying to that.

May I know if you are on Android App, or on Fiverr Website?
Android App:

iOS App:


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Hi-- Thanks for the reply. I’m on the website.I will download the app, might work better. I’ve tried repeatedly as you say to reply on the order page via notifications. It isn;t working.


Yes, you can download the app. It will surely work for you.


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Great reply, this already help me a l lot !


Thank you and I’m so glad!