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Can only see two buyer requests?

Hello. I was wondering if Fiverr changed the Buyer Requests page under Selling (whereyou can see active buyer requests, not your specific orders) so that you can only see requests in your general category, and if it’s normal to only see 2 requests in the category of “Business.” All I see is a request that isn’t in English and I don’t understand, as well as a request for a Turkish translator. The viewing options are “All subcategories” or "Virtual Assistant,"which is a subcategory of Business.

For those with gigs in Business, is it typical to only see a couple or few buyer requests at a time? I’m making sure my profile isn’t glitching somehow.


Until you are a Level 1 seller, you only see maybe ten Buyer Requests at a time. At some times of the day, you will not see any. I just earned my Level 1 Badge today, and I see many more buyer requests. Good luck on Fiverr. Don’t be disappointed if you do not get many if any jobs at first. I have been here 3 months and just got promoted today.


Oh okay, I see. Thank you.

Congrats on the promotion! :smiley:

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The number of buyer requests has been going down steadily here.