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Can order be cancelled after doing delivery and buyer can ask for revision even it is not mention in custom offer?

Hello everyone,
I am a new seller at Fiverr. I joined Fiverr in January 2020, got my first order 19 April but some personal issue I request buyer to extend delivery and also extra offer with some extra. She was agreed and told me to cancel this order, send her, new fresh same offer along with extra amount and time. She accepted the New order and I have also submitted delivery on time. I send my delivery through Google sheet, as I was unable to upload sheet on Fiverr with some errors. After sometime I have also send delivery through chat. 2-3 times, I mark my order “Delivered”, but she changed it’s status to “in revision”.
She has also downloaded copy from Google sheet and told me that she is reviewing my work, after that she will send the payment.

Now my concern is, I didn’t mention in my offer about any revisions, she can ask for revision??

Is it possible that she can cancel the order and I will not get payment of my 17 days hardwork?

Please help me to overcome from this situation…


hey there @harshg9016
I understand your concern what you are going through…
But When you offered the New fresh offer you should have offered a revision!
For this she as a buyer has the power for revision for her justifying the work!
See what is her feedback I hope it will go well if you gave your 100%:slight_smile:
Best of luck…


It’s up to you whether or not you offer revisions. However, CS will look at your profile and gigs in order to decide whether you offered them or not. You mention “customer satisfaction” in your profile … and that may be interpreted as an offer of revisions until the customer is satisfied. CS are being less helpful than they were right now.

Your offer would have been linked to one of your gigs - and you do offer revisions on those.

On the other hand, buyers are not allowed to abuse the revision button.

Or you can wait to see what happens - give the buyer a few days. If you’ve heard nothing back, deliver again.


Thank you for your reply @akib0079,

Yes it’s her right as a buyer, but as a seller, I also have right to get pay of my 17 days hardwork which is same as I mentioned in my work sample. I don’t have any problem if she ask for revision or want any help from me.
Main problem is, after delivering my work, she can cancel the order? I won’t get pay of my work?

I mentioned in my gig, 3 free revision, but here In this custom order, i didn’t mention any number of revision.
So She can ask unlimited times for revision??


Thank you for your reply @coerdelion,
It’s already 2 days have passed since I delivered my work.
I don’t have any problem if she ask for revision or want any help from me.
Main problem is, after delivering my work, she can cancel the order? I won’t get pay of my work?

I mentioned in my gig, 3 free revision, but here In this custom order, i didn’t mention any number of revision.
So She can ask unlimited times for revision??


Well it depends what the revision is…

Your question means that sellers could submit poor work and then say “Sorry, no revisions!” You still need to do the job correctly and well, so of course revisions are still allowed without that feature.


@akib0079, I am new in this platform.

I also want to know, buyer can ask for revision, without checking my work?
After delivering work, order status change to delivered status and how long time buyer have to mark the order to “completed”. If buyer mark order completed, how many days I will get amount in my account?


Thank you for your reply @humanissocial.

Firstly I gave her work sample after that only I did this complete work. Of course, buyer can ask for revision, it’s their right. But can buyer ask for revision without checking my work?

I Will be happy to help them…

But I am asking here that, if work quality is also good, then buyer can cancel the order?
I will not get anything for my work??


They can try - but, you know, you don’t have to agree to a cancellation.

After delivery, unless the buyer clicks the revision button, orders clear automatically after three days.

It’s pretty unfair to make you wait - the revision button is not there to extend the delivery time (abuse of revision button - against TOS), but for buyers to ask for a revision. You are allowed to charge for revisions as an extra.

Also, if you keep an eye out for the buyer using your work online or whatever before they’ve paid you, you can ask the host to remove it as copyright violation.

Personally, I wouldn’t agree to a cancellation.


Its unfortunate.
Although, I would also like to tell you that I experienced this kind of bug in the system once.
I offered only 2 or I think 3 revisions to the buyer but he kept on asking for revisions and the system allowed him to do so again and again. I think he revised for maybe 7 to 8 times. However, finally after 8 or so revisions my order was marked completed, fortunately. I hope that your order gets makred as completed too. Meanwhile, do ping her again and ask her about the exact reason of why she asked for a revision.


@coerdelion, I will not agree to cancel the order because I shared her a Google link to open and download the work. In chat she has also told me that she has downloaded the work.

I think she won’t cancel this order, but I am asking here because one of my friend told me that there are many frauds happen at freelancing platform. They place order and after delivering order, buyer cancel that order and get there money back and they don’t need to pay for their work.
There should be an customer care team to check these types of situation.


Thank you for your reply @usamaathar368 …

Please answer, whether buy can cancel the order after delivery and get full refund?


There should not be a possible way to do this.
But I did hear someone else state an issue just like that a couple of days ago.
Maybe it’s a bug.


I shared the issue with customer care team. Let’s see what will get reply.

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Thank you for your reply and suggestion @zerlina84
I gave my best to do this work in less amount to start getting more order. I hope she will not cancel this order.
She also told me that she paid double money for this same work on Fiverr.


The problem with this, is that you get your money but you may also get a very bad review.

You need to figure out what is best for you.

great… this is. good advice for him

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Right. I hope you’ll have a good experience

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@usamaathar368, I got reply from customer care that If you delivered order everything properly and you didn’t mention order revision. Still buyer can ask revision however you can ask for additional service offer. If everything is proper in order delivery as per buyer request then you don’t have to accept cancellation request.

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Right. But in your case you got the status changed from “Completed” to “In Revision” automatically, right?

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@usamaathar368, that is not right.

  1. I just want to know that once we delivered order to buyer, can buyer ask for revision more than one time?
  2. after delivering order along with Google worksheet whether buyer can cancel the order?