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Can order start without the buyer filling a mandatory requirement?


I have a buyer who placed an order but did not fill a mandatory gig requirements section yet the order timer has started counting? How is that possible? The buyer left that section blank yet the buyer " agreed that the information provided is accurate and complete".

I thought Fiverr compels buyers to put something under the requirement section that is mandatory before the order can start or is it different?

Now am at crossroads!


You have to manually set it up as requirements being mandatory, or else the countdown will start automatically.


I have this set up with a green tick that says its mandatory but the buyer didn’t fill this section yet the order has started. How’s that possible?


This happened to me in the past it was an annoying bug :beetle:. It caused problems that I didn’t need. Reach out to CS. I remember sending them a ticket about it, I’d have to sort thru my tickets to find it.

Edit: OK found it. I had a few orders back in 2017 dealing with this issue.

Dear Customer Support,

I just received an Order #00000000, ALL of my requirements for this gig is set to mandatory, but the countdown is ticking away and the buyer didn’t supply the information. Each requirement shows: No answer was provided for this requirement

Why did the timer start when the mandatory boxes are checked?

Please Advise!

Best regards,

Support followed up and said it seems to be connected to an App bug. They notified their dev team. Since then I haven’t had an issue. Gosh, I hope it’s an isolated issue and not back to cause grief! :weary:


And what about when they fill the mandatory gig requirements like this:


Time starts running and we have nothing.


Thanks a lot for that infor. I also thought it was a bug. I’ll have to confirm with the CS too. This issue has made to burn the midnight oil working on an order that has no project details but must be delivered within 24 hours. Since it’s a large order I have to figure out what the client want and hope that that’s what they really want!

I hope it get solved.


You’re very welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

Trust me I know the feeling of being on a timer without the details. A royal pain!
Perhaps you should use the delivery extension via the resolution center to buy some more time?