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Can our account be safe if we have 2 accounts and we deactivate the other one?

Can our account be safe if we have 2 accounts and we deactivate the other one? Please confirm

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There’s no guaranteed safety if you have broken the rules and created multiple accounts.


The only way to find out if your active account will continue to remain active is by contacting Fiverr’s Customer Support and explaining the situation to them.


@hanshuber16 @catwriter Are we safe in case if we did not gett any notification of another account or breaking rules, or any warning?

No, you are not safe if you have violated the ToS. If you do not inform them, they can give you a warning or ban all your accounts at any time.


Really? You are on Fiverr’s official forum saying: "Hey, I broke the rules, but they didn’t catch me yet. Do you think they will?"

You might as well go into a bank the day after you’ve robbed it to say "you didn’t recognize me did you?"


If they didn’t catch you before they probably will now. Deactivate one of them so you only have one account, and hope for mercy.

Dang it, Andy… I was trying to gently coerce him into contacting CS and admitting to explaining everything he did. My plan is ruined now! :crying_cat_face: Or is it? :smiling_imp:

@photo_desk Please contact CS and ask them the same questions you are asking us. They will be more than happy to help you out. In fact, they might even thank you.

What I have seen happen a few times in this situation is that one account is deactivated by fiverr but the other remains. It’s still possible that both will be deactivated by fiverr however.

Of course not. That’s like asking if you’re safe after attacking an old lady and stealing her purse, but not being caught yet.

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yes it is safe…on this issue i have contacted CS Team and told me that closed one account and create new account … there is no issue when you closed one account and use other one… I am 100% confirmed.

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Yes I closed that and started this. Thanks alot @youtube_promo99