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Can overdue vacation have an impact on my business?


First of all, sorry if I have chosen the wrong category here. It’s not a tip, but a question.
So, this christmas I went to visit my family, and while I was gone my gig was set on “vacation mode”. Due to a huge storm, I didn’t get back as soon as I had planned, and while I thought that the vacation mode would stop automatically the day I had set it to, it didn’t. When I finally got home, I noticed a red box on the top of my dashboard (just like the one you would get when an order is overdue, or so I think…) saying “your vacation is overdue”. So now I simply wonder, can it have a negative impact on my sales that I didn’t unpause the gigs when I said I would?
Thank you!


Activating vacation mode will surely get your gigs out of the search box. And when you turn off your vacation mode and re activate your gigs again they will not be in the very same ranking place.
So obviously, you’re gonna see a lil drop in your sales. By the way, overdue may not cause any greater prob.


Ah, yes. I know the gigs won’t be shown in searches while on vacation mode, I counted on that :slight_smile: It was just that red box telling me my vacation was overdue that had me worried. As it showed in the same way as it would for and overdue order, I thought it might be an indication of bad news.
Thanks for taking the time to respond! :smiley:


yes it make your gig back in search but as you are back & active & do some order you will be back to normal so Vacation mode is good to enjoy your holidays :slight_smile: Safe & secure :slight_smile: