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Can people seriously be so rude?

I messaged one of my customers telling him it would soon be time to redo his indexes (i index here on fiverr) and he tells me to stop messaging him and hes reporting me! I’ve only messaged him once for his sake not for mine! Am i the only one that thinks this is kind of rude? >;(

In my opinion, it is rude… but the Fiverr Customer Service team will be just see you’re trying to communicate with him regarding his order. You’re doing the right thing by communicating with your buyer.

They won’t take their “report” of you seriously as they need clear evidence that you’re violating their marketplace policy terms (which in this case, he is the one doing so). I would just take his behavior into consideration before taking any future orders from him - you do have to right to refuse work and shouldn’t tolerate being spoken down to.

Best of luck to you! :slight_smile:

What an overreaction he had! Take heart in the knowledge that you didn’t do anything wrong and support isn’t going to punish you.

Some people are just mean.

Reply to @emasonwrites:

Totally agree. Must have caught that sucker on a bad hair day or something.

Awww. :frowning: I have to agree, that was a bit of an overreaction on his part. Maybe he mistook you for another person? Or maybe he’s just mean. I don’t want to be prejudiced, but… yeah.

Hope it won’t happen to you again, though! :frowning: