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Can Pro create custom offer below $100 for old buyers?

Hi Pros, just want to know if we eligible become a Pro, can we still create a custom offer which cost below $100 to our returned buyers?


I’m not a Pro, but am I correct in rephrasing your question as:

Can a Fiverr Pro create custom offers below $100?

I’m actually not sure. I would think ‘yes’. @frank_d could you provide a definite ‘yes/no’ on this?

(Fair caution, it’s VERY rare to be accepted as a Pro, so I would advise to not expect it. Not saying it can’t happen, but: Hope for the best, plan for the worst.)


Yes, I can still sell my “legacy” gigs at whatever rates I want.

And technically speaking, I can create custom offers to ANY amount.


I can’t create $100 custom offers for my $15,000 gig. If I did that, I would risk losing my Pro status, as every single sale I make as a Pro seller is being checked on by Fiverr staff.

Not sure if that’s what you meant @chrisdata

But being “eligible” to receive Pro status and actually being accepted are two things really, really far apart.