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Can promotional videos on the gig really attract the clients?



I hope you all are doing good.I was wondering that are promotional videos really attract the clients or the graphical image with the description mention on that.I already have description imageon my gig(link is given below) but still I don’t have much of a knowledge that is it better then the promotional video.If video is better then what kind would be better like white board animation,video with person promoting the gig or personal video etc?


I linked it so you people can see my gig image that I already placed. As I mentioned that I want to know is that kind of image is good or should I place video instead.


You should use whatever you feel best represents your service. If that is a photo, use a photo. If you feel a video would be a better choice for your gig, use a video. There is no right answer. It is your gig, and only you know how you wish to represent it to your customers.


My gig displays on the first page but still didn’t have much of the clicks on it that’s why I needed suggestion so I can attract more clients.


You are going to have to decide for yourself how you want to attract your buyers. This is not something we can answer for you. Your gigs are your business – your freelance work. If buyers are looking for your services, and you capture their attention with an attractive well-organized gig, they may likely purchase from you.

There is no way to guarantee that buyers will purchase from you. Buyers usually shop around, and no matter how good you may think your gig is, the buyer has free will to choose the services that they feel best fit their needs. The only thing you can do is stand out… and if that means using an eye-catching photo, go for it. If you think a video will capture their attention, do that instead.

Nothing we tell you is going to guarantee better sales.


I can see what you are saying makes total sense.Thanks


What does it mean that your gig displays on the first page? Your original question was about Gig video.Fiver says, a video increase buyers engagement by 40%. But I am not sure if it helps. Many Top rated sellers do not use video.
It is unclear what exactly helps. Everyone says their opinion. If we knew, we could use. I tried videos. Those have not helped