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Can provide my google drive link to my buyer when deliver the job?

I have given job report in google drive link . But fiverr has banned my gig for violating third party TOS. Please help me how can I provide my job report.

Export it as a file. Ugh

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maybe, you can send him your drive link, but you also have to attach file.

Thanks for your suggestion . I can provide my link in a file.

I have sent him both attach file and drive link

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Seriously??? :joy:

Obviously I meant to send the exported file instead of the Drive link because a Drive link is the ToS violation. That was your question.

Work on your English. You totally misinterpreted what I said and your interpretation is illogical.

Why would I tell you to put your Drive link in a file if the link is what broke the ToS? And why would you do that? To circumvent the rules?

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