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Can Rating be modified?


I’ve provided a great service to a buyer,but he left 4.7 stars(4 stars in communication with seller).I asked him whether my communication was not good? He said he gave 5 stars in all three categories.Then why it appeared as 4.7?
Can it be modified?



He gave an excellent feedback.Can rating be modified by this process or only review?


The entire review will have to be re-written and the ratings re-submitted.

Take care in the literature your provide as to WHY you are asking for a feedback modification.


I don’t think I should ask for feedback modification,right?


This new review = 93% Rating.

Your overall rating = 98% Rating.

So do the math, is this REALLY required?


I think he rated you via fiverr app, In the past it had some bugs, I am not sure if the problem is solved. @misscrystal may guide you further.