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Can removing gig hurt your rating?

I thought about removing a few of my gigs that have not brought in a lot of sales and add some new gig’s. So my question is if remove gigs will that affect my top rated seller status and rating? That is what i asked CS and they said no as long as i dont go crazy and do it all of the time it would be okay. But i was wondering has anyone else done this and what has happened.

i also want to remove some of my gigs. But i don’t know it will affect rating or not.

CS told me it would be ok but am hoping to hear from others because i dont want to pull the trigger and kill my fiverr income.

Don’t think It will affect your rating, I have removed a few and added more. But in staying that this month was not so good.

In my view, it will not effect your rating, because I have done it too in the past (I have suspended my non - selling gigs) , and I have been on level 2 for nearly 6 months now.

If you delete or suspend your gigs, your overall conversion ratio will go up (that is my view), and that cannot be bad!

Maybe other TRS can jump in here? Because I do not know about TRS status of course. But overall, I think it is a good idea.

I have also added a few gigs, because some of my repeat buyers were asking me to provide services that were not included in my main gig.

I hope this helps!

No, as far as I know, it will not affect your rating.

Thanks every one for your input may another TRS can chime in? I not too worried about the one that has 10 or 20 but the one am thinking about has over 200

Thank s i have already done that