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Can return customers rate your gig multiple times?

I have a potential return customer who will order my gig again sometime in the future. My question is when the gig is completed can the buyer rate the experience again or is it limited to one buyer per gig?

The buyer can rate each gig that is delivered if they accept delivery of it. So if they purchase gig A twice, and they accept both deliveries, they can leave 2 reviews on gig A, one for each delivered order.


Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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They sure can! It’s yet another reason to instill loyalty in buyers and have gigs that they are likely to repurchase.

In my experience if a lovely buyer leaves one five-star review, they tend to leave another one the next time they purchase. They may also say in the review that they are a repeat buyer, which is wonderful social proof for you that can motivate prospective buyers when they read your reviews.

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Yes you return buyers are asset for you.
You can always take benift from.