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Can seller cancel after the acceptance of delivery


I have a question can seller cancel the order after accepting and giving feedback?
I have refused to handover the source code and support also said I am welcome to ask payment for the source code. Can support refund the earnings?

Thanks in advance.


Yes , Customer support did Cancel an Order and refund full amount to the seller after 2 Months of Order Completion , my advice to you withdraw the Money as Fast as Possible

here is my Topic link :

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Thank you for your response,
First of all fiverr disabled the withdraw button so i cannot withdraw.
Secondly I asked the CS first that I can or I cannot ask the payment for source code and they allowed me and after that I asked the buyer for the payment for the source code.
Gladly on my gig, revisions were set to 0, so they cannot cancel it due to this.
asking for changing the whole app and asking for the source code is two separate things.
Now the strange thing is CS allowed me that I can ask for the source codes and now they are saying that they are looking into this further.

I mean what’s there to look into it. It’s pretty much simple, if the buyer wants to get hold of the source he can purchase it and there was no source code mentioned on the offer and neither there was mentioned of unlimited revisions on my gig and the offer and the buyer accepted that offer.

Maybe they are just wasting time so one of us give up and give up the source code. I don’t know maybe I am wrong and they are looking into it deeply. But I don’t understand why they are taking too long in this, it’s been 9 days now.


Day 10: It looks like i have been wrong the support was actually working or maybe they were busy in lots of cases, they have resolved the issue and at the end the buyer has to buy the source code they have enabled the bank transfer button and i was able to transfer the funds. So looks like they have solved the issue according to their terms and conditions.