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Can seller give discount on active order?

i have an active order .
deadline is 4 days ahead. n am afraid if i couldn’t meet it. so i asked my client if she can allow me to have one more week . and she said she wants discount if she allows more time O.o
is this possible some how ?

I have never heard of such a thing. You can either extend the order to a future date or both of you can agree to cancel it. So you may have to plead with her to bear with you for the time being. Or you can offer her a discount if she orders again. Some buyers are difficult like that so I understand how you feel.


write to customer support and ask them.

No I don’t think that’s a good idea cuz they’ll just cancel the order and give the buyer a refund regardless of the seller’s efforts to get the job done.

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i have 100% ratings i dont want to cancel the order as it will hit my profile too

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Cancelling is a last resort. You can still plead with her to bear with you and make her understand that a discount is just not possible for an existing order. Like I said you could still offer her a discount if she orders again from you. That way she’ll have to come back for her next job.

yup ! i think i need TO WAKE UP AT NIGHTS n finish it ! there is no other way !

it will not be a good idea.

Or you could offer something else with that order.