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Can seller request theme files, plugins before quote?

My buyer gave me a quote $XX in the chat and requested that I supply complete of my theme files and plugins to him so that he can have “look” . He refused to send me his official “QUOTE” for me to accept.

After all, he could later tell me it will cost much more once after he receives my files which I paid for leaving me in the open.

Is this normal or ethical?
What should I do?

Since I have reported to Fiver.
Not sure if it is ethical to name and shame him here but you’ll get the idea.

[by mexxxx_xxxxarim]


Refuse, report, block.

He’s trying to steal from you


Thanks.Thats what I thought. Shame trust can be broken right at the start like that. He has 5 stars over 350 reviews!!


Just think: why would this be necessary?

It isn’t. Total scam.

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Is he a seller? or he’s been a buyer with that much reviews?

Hi silkaurora,

I recommend you to send some screenshots about your files (without entire content & sensitive data). If he is a professional and expert developer, he should know if he can handle your project or not. Then you can ask him for a custom offer before passing your all files. Never share your theme files before placing an order (cause there is no any agreement between you and the seller before placing an order).

Hope this helps.

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Refuse him. its a scam

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I’m a little confused. Why is a buyer sending you a quote?

Scammer goes into supermarket, loads the trolley with food and drinks. Goes to the checkout and says to the checkout operator “I’m not going to pay for any of these items but I would like to take them home so I can first try them out”.

It’s not normal!

Sorry by bad. I meant to say Seller.

Thanks for the excellent advice. Not sure why this guy 350 5stars?

He is a seller. I have reported to Fiver.

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It’s better, because such sellers are the ones violating the fiverr site.

You did the correct thing! I don’t give anything without an order being opened.

I must be naive. That wouldn’t have occurred to me.

Lol! I may want confirmation that the buyer has bought them and that they’re available before raising the offer … but to ask for them before that generally isn’t a great idea.

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I think its a scam …