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Can seller requests from other sellers?

hello every one,
first of thanks to all of you great peoples. you help anyone without any fee.
thank you very much.
now my question is can i request for a work from other sellers.
waiting for every one response. thanks

No you can’t do that .its a restricted from fiverr.


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thank you very much…

do u mean order a gig from another seller? If so–sure, why not?


what do you mean, can you explain??


i mean can i send message to any other seller and requests him to give me some work.

Nope–your messages will be flagged as spam and ur account will probably be banned.

Buyers buy your gigs, not sellers


I am not sure about it wheather it is against TS or not,

but dont do it is waste of time, irritating and dumb
I do understand your pain i am new too, try buyer request i already got two order, first 20 -30 going to be pain
wish you luck


Thanks @superiormentor
I sent u private message (through the forum–not through your fiverr profile) regarding improving ur gigs. :slight_smile: May

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I am not the expert, so i did not read specific means description of your gig, you can get them by other people profile you just read them and make changes if you have too

but i only see the pictures, I liked what i see, I think you are going to do good, I just remember start is going to be difficult
wisht you luck

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many thanks my friend…

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Yes, it is.

As stated in the Terms of Service, it’s not allowed to message other sellers for commercial purpose without their consent.

The only legitimate reason to message a seller is if you intend to buy from them, and need to ask something about their service.


Ugh, if I had a dime for every time I get these messages. It is super annoying.

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