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Can sellers ask for more money after a purchase?

A week ago I ordered a cartoon portrait for $5.00, and it was completed on time, and was well done. I ordered an “I will draw a Best Lovely realistic cartoon portrait - standard” from a different seller yesterday for my wife for $5.00 and then got this message from the seller this morning. “Sir, Thanks for If you give me $5 dollar I loss here, If you give me $20 dollar I will do this work very nicely.”

I have sent a request to Customer Support, and have not heard back from them, but to me this gives a black eye to Fiverr’s image. What is this seller offering me for $20 that he had not already offered for $5.00 and I had paid for? I will not mention the name of the seller here as that is against Fiverr policy. However unless I get a clear-cut response that they disapprove and will let the seller know, I will be very hesitant in using Fiverr services in future. To me, the simple solution is that if the seller has a “loss” in doing work for $5, then they should not advertise work for that price.

I sent a reply to the seller this morning:

"So if I don’t want to pay $20 instead of $5, does that mean you will not do the work very nicely? That is not what you promised in your ad, #seller#

I have contacted Fiverr customer service to ask if this is a violation of their policies."

… and got back this message:

One may have demand. Not yet that it is the violation of fiverr policies.
Just it’s my demand. Don’t mind, I am doing this work.”

Obviously this seller has severe problems with the English language. That doesn’t change the fact that he was essentially panhandling to quadruple his asking price. Let’s see what Customer Service has to say about it. I will post their response here.

Sounds like a chancer trying their luck. Definitely against the rules.

Don’t let it dissuade you from using the site - the majority of sellers here are excellent.

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It’s not allowed. I would immediately cancel that order since the seller is not living up to his offer.
If he had said he could offer an enhancement for something specific, as an additional extra to add on to the basic offer , then it would have been ok.

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Perhaps it is a cultural difference? I’ve noticed that, in some countries, sellers always try to sell you their products at a higher price, and that seems to be normal behavior there.

I’ve noticed lots of things that seem to be normal behavior in certain countries such as:
copying other people’s gigs
using famous people’s pictures for their own profiles
saying they are in the United States when it’s obvious they aren’t
trying to get something from a seller for free including threatening a bad review–blackmail
having multiple accounts
claiming they can do work they can’t
claiming to be experienced writers when they can’t even make a sentence
calling everyone “dear”

There are 3 countries in particular where this seems to be the norm and I wish I could block these. These must be hideous countries.

They are also in the habit of calling everyone “sir”.

Reminds me of traversing the markets in Kuta, Bali lol

Or “dear”.