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Can sellers do a partial refund to buyers?

Hi everyone, I have an issue which I hope all you awesome fellow Fiverr sellers could advise on.

I’ve just completed an order for a buyer, but due to an oversight on my part, I realised that I’ve slightly overquoted the buyer (an extra gig multiple was placed). The buyer has already accepted the order, and I have delivered my work.

Is there anyway I can do a partial refund just for the extra gig multiple?


Thanks in advance!

Ok, thanks for the heads up kjblynx!

I just made the extra charge a prepayment for the buyer. Luckily he/she was agreeable to it.


I really wish there was a way to do this. I have had two orders in the last month in which the Buyer ordered more words than they wanted and I had to cancel the order. It would save us all a lot of frustration, I think, if a partial refund was an option.