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Can sellers request additional gigs after an order was agreed upon?

I am just curious about if a seller can request additional gigs after an order was already agreed upon. I couldn’t find anything on it in the FAQ, so I am wondering. I ordered 6 gigs, but now the seller is telling me I should add 5 more gigs, when it was only agreed upon that it would be 6. So naturally I’m quite bothered by this because I need it to be done today.

I think it’s more of a time factor not so much material costs. I had two separate orders one for 2 gigs and one for 4 gigs, the 4 gig one I did first because I mistyped the amount, so I did another order as told by the seller for the additional 2. The 2 one did go through and was started, so I do hope that the 4 one went through as well. But I can’t add anymore gigs on that, we agreed upon the 6.

I appreciate you getting back to me.