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Can sellers view your previously bought gigs?

Hi, so… I have some… strange gigs I ordered in the past, and I was wondering if the seller could view those? It’s just that I feel like I’d get judged by the seller when they review my previous orders. (And if you could, please don’t view mine! lol)

If the sellers reviewed you, then they can see what other sellers said about you. It’s a good idea because some buyers are scamming people, so it’s crucial for sellers to know this type of stuff before they work with anyone.

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“they can see what other sellers said about you” are you talking about the reviews left by sellers on your profile? Or is there a different comment section that’s exclusive to sellers only?

What I’m talking about are specific orders though, as in your order history.

If a seller left you a review, I can see what you ordered. I’ll see the review on your profile, go to that sellers page, and check his reviews - your order will be there. I do that sometimes, to vet buyers.

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Not the specific order, just the gig you ordered, if the seller left a review for you, and if they bother to look it up. Honestly, I doubt that most sellers care enough, unless you’re waving some big red flag; at least I have other things to do than look at which other gigs my customers bought, unless they give me reason to.

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:slight_smile: I check my buyers and then I check their sellers and then I checked who they sold to and so on and so on… It is more fun then actual need and curiosity. Sometimes I discover frauds in that search.

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Weird. I have never looked to see what my buyers have bought, how they rated or what they are into. I guess with what I do, I want to go in “blind” anyways, so that I do not have any bias in how I read for them.

The only way I could see how others could see what you bought is if you bought something that could end up in the seller’s portfolio? I have mine turned off, as I highly doubt any of my buyer’s want others reading their personal problems and questions they ask me.