Can share 2 separated account gig share with same twitter account?


I and my wife start work in fiverr. we create a separate account with a separate computer and also our ip address different. My account base on WordPress service and my wife offer newsletter service. I have one high follower twitter account. So my question is. is possible share 2 separate account gig in same twitter account. is this issue will be the reason for the disable fiverr account?


No, you should be fine.

Problems only arise when multiple accounts offer similar gigs from the same IP. Fiverr isn’t really too concerned with how you market yourself.


Thanks, Sara, but how i can 100% sure. are you freelancer as i or Fiverr official person?


We’re all freelancers here.

If you read the TOS, you’ll see Fiverr isn’t trying to stop people collaborating but rather from cheating the system by having multiple accounts.

You can message customer support to put your mind at rest. You can find their contact details by clicking Help on the homepage.


Yes You could share both account gigs to your one social media account.


You can promote gigs of as many different sellers as you like.


Thanks sara , Mmh , catwriter for taking your time and replay me question


You’re welcome. :slight_smile: