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Can some one help me

I need some one who can help me with my gigs please and can you please tell me what i have to improve on them?

I need to have comment about them

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You just create every thing original .

Like title and description and also cover image.

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I would change your cover images. Might just be me as a non-expert, but the colors seem too bright and they clash.

Also, in your gig descriptions, talk more about how you can help clients with your expertise.


Thank You… i will improve and edit the mistakes

thanks for your Idea. but I felt that when i put RED color it gets more Impressions to gigs that’s why i put that color to the cover. However i will try putting some other color to my next Gig


First search your service that you can provide then get idea from other gigs then post original and new gig that is not fiverr

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I don’t think that red is inherently bad, it just seemed to clash with the other colors in your gig images.

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I made all the covers by my self

Thank You @somaginer1996
You are telling about the Logo GIG i guess :slight_smile: YES me too felt that its Disturb to the logo.

just awesome and awesome…as a designer need something more in your cover image…!like some see and say waaaawwww

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