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Can somebody help!

hey guys…!!

I started work with Fiverr a couple of days ago… I did not get even a single order,what should i do??? please help me… :frowning:

Have a look at that link. It was at the homepage of the forums when I checked in.
It will fulfill all your needs

Allow me to hop in,
for someone who is trying to offer a writing gig, I notice quite a lot of
mistakes in your description, the most obvious one being you not capitalizing your letters at the start of each sentence. That is enough for me a lot of people to say “nope, not this person” and make them look for another seller.

Give it some time. My first order came in after about 12 days of being registered a Fiverr user. Meanwhile you can improve your gig’s description as @zeus777 stated. Also, as a tip make your gig express (24 hour delivery) to pull in more buyers. Once you have established yourself you can revert back to the 2-day delivery time-frame you currently use.

you need to wait wait and only wait. you can promote your gigs in social medias also and forums also.

This one seems to have the biggest potential:
I will make professional presentations and infographics for $5

Use proper grammar and format.

Reply to @zeus777: Thank you for your guiding words… It helped to improve my mistakes… :slight_smile: