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Can somebody tell me why I am not getting a single order for my gigs?

It’s been almost a week since I joined fiverr and I am unable to get a single order. Although, I’m getting some views 10 to 20 but still no hope of any order. Please tell me if there is anything wrong with my gigs? or am I just misfortunate enough to net get any order ?

@shanicr, it’s because you are new on fiverr it takes little time. be patient!

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Stop stealing gigs from other people.

For Example? :open_mouth:

I always reverse image search profile photos before initiating a Seller. While it does not tell me much about the Seller’s ability, it does say something about the Seller’s character. I do not initiate contact with Sellers who’s profile image turns up as a stock photo.

I also do not do business with blond white women who’s LinkedIn profile is that of a Nigerian man, but that is for a different thread.


Your whole gig description is copied and it’s easy to find it from Google. You might wanna write your own gig description.