Can Someone advice i want Sell my gig


i went to sell my gig but i can not sell this .how can i do promote my gig and sell more and more
here is my gig

This My New Gig How to I will Promote gig advice me

Well… sorry to be direct but I believe nobody will buy a “single sided” Business Card (?) when everybody sells a “normal” one (of course) double sided…


This is his basic package.


if you have a quality full skill, you can get more order with your client satisfaction,


I’ve got that! Thanks for the explanation! (sarcastic)
So in order to get a “normal” business card, buyers have to buy 2 Gigs from him… or order for $10? When everybody else sells it for $5… and then he asks how to get sales… :sweat_smile:
His first package is wasted… who will buy just 1 sided business card?


via Social media bro :slight_smile:

Be patient and work hard.
Use buyer request to sent offer regularly!


Thanks you so much advice for me


Please check that first Package! Nobody will buy a one sided business card. Check other sellers that offer the same product, they start with $5 for a double sided one!


did you create those business cards or is this stock photography/google images?


Thanks you advice for i am change this point


They’re all over google from what I just did a quick search for.

Dude, make your own cards if you want to sell them, especially since you’re charging TWICE what everyone else here is offering business cards for.


he isn’t offering business cards, I am sure it’s only a design he is offering, not the actual things you hold in your wallet.

also, all his gigs are five bucks


ah so just the image, gotcha.


i also agree with you?