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Can someone advice me for this please?

Hi there,

Today I got an order for my vocals only gig… I’ve clearly mentioned I’m offering ‘only vocals’ 10 vocal tracks for $200 there… a buyer came and made an order… after he gave me instructions for music… I said I can only provide vocals for that price… Unfortunately he said he wants to cancel the order… I offered 5 one minute songs with music because I can’t cancel the order… But he wanted me to make more songs if I go without cancelling it…More songs for less price… Finally I thought it’s better to cancel because these kind of buyers atleast will never leave a good feedback …

My cancellation rate came 2% down because of that… So am I the wrong one here?? Please tell me how can I handle this type of buyers… Here I can see so many great sellers… Please tell me how you guys handle this?? Why fiverr guys can’t help us in this cancellation thing? :frowning:

In my book is a “flagman” (someone that rises one or more red flags).
I don’t stand manipulators and I would cancel.


Hi thank you for your reply… But what will happen to our cancellation rate??? :frowning: Our levels???

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Both are affected. I hope that Fiverr will fix this soon. I don’t believe that they are ignoring the issue.


They don’t seem to be going out of their way to say they’re going to do anything about it either though. :wink:


I still have a hope… :slight_smile: Thank you again.


Busy reading numbers. Statistics is the art of proving that you’re never wrong.