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Can someone answer my question?

What happens if you requested a modification but the user doesn’t finish in the time do I get my money refunded

No, not straight off.

If you’ve asked for a modification, then the seller needs an opportunity to modify your work as you’ve requested. I presume they delivered your order in time before the clock stopped, so therefore the delivery wasn’t late?

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The person I gave the job to set it for 2 days he completed it in 24 hours
but it wasn’t complete I requested a moderation and it says he has 10 hours
left what happens when the 10 hours up and he doesn’t do the moderation

As he delivered on time, the clock has stopped and I don’t think there’s a time limit after that for modifications.

Please give the seller the chance to do the modification you requested, and I’m sure it’ll all be fine.

Well the clock is still going on mine and I requested moderation

Yes, and the seller needs time to complete the modification you requested, which I’m sure he/she is doing right now.

If it doesn’t work out, then you can use the resolution centre if you need to afterwards.

After you hit modification clock start to tick again. If your seller failed to deliver within remaining time system mark that order as late which is not good for seller “Delivered on time” rate. I think this is affecting to search engine place or some thing (Not sure about it)

Some times if there are no time left when buyer hit revisions; system automatically add another 24 hours for modification.

You can cancel the order if seller failed to deliver withing 24 hours after order marked as LATE

If the time runs out am I able to ask for a refund if it’s not done

You’d have to go through the resolution centre to ask for a refund.

How do I cancel the order when it runs out

You really don’t want the order now do you - buyer’s remorse?

Why not just cancel now, so the seller doesn’t have to do any more work on an order you’ve decided you don’t want - it would be the fair thing to do.

Why are you so eager to cancel this order? Was it a steaming pile of shit?

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“It was ordered by Mistake” perhaps? :thinking:

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mmm sorry I don’t know coz I haven’t done it before. But I remember there was a message saying that I can cancel the order if seller failed to deliver before it marked as late.

Well offlinehelpers got a point though

If you want to cancel it you can go through resolution center and open a dispute before that seller modify it and redeliver.

It saves time and effort isn’t it??

That only applies before the first delivery. After that, a seller can theoretically sit on it forever. I’ve had epic disputes that went on for a month without a penalty. I know at least one other seller has kept an order in modification status for over a year (and longer) just so that the buyer wouldn’t get their money back, even if they wouldn’t get paid.

These are both extreme cases though. It’s pretty clear that OP just wants his money back, and without more details, it’s hard to really say anything other than “it depends, but not really”

Yeah that’s what happen. First time delivery!! :slight_smile:

Guess I have lot to learn yet… Thanks for correcting me emmaki

I have access to the site and I’ve looked and he hasn’t done the moderation
I asked for so I’m going to ask for a refund

So where do I go to request a refund

You ask for an awful lot of refunds, mate. Now, you did edit this…

So I had paid a guy 35 dollars to finish my dating site he told me it would be done in 2 days and it’s been a week and all he’s done was the theme and tabs and won’t give me my money back even when he said he would if I didn’t like the work I need my site finished before new years eve

You should know where to get a refund if you’ve been through all this before.


You’re both a buyer and a seller on Fiverr, but you don’t know where to find the Terms of Service or the Help section?

Here’s the relevant part of the Help section:

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