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Can someone check out my gig and tell me how to make it better?

Hi, I’m a new seller on Fiverr and I created my account last month. I’ve worked really hard on my gigs, making sure to optimize them in every way possible but I’m still not getting much impressions. I feel that is because i’m not rated in the first few pages, even though I have 3 5-star reviews on one of my gigs. Can someone check out my gig and tell me how to take it to the top pages so I can receive more orders?

here’s the link to the gig:


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Hello Fatima (? I’m guessing that’s your name, based on your username, let me know if that’s incorrect!)

I’m also a writer here, and I’ve happily had a lot of success. I will tell you, without exaggeration, you’re a very good writer. I’m honestly surprised, as a lot of the “writing” I see from overseas peers is riddled with errors or awkwardly phrased. Your English is excellent and your writing flows smoothly.

This is my subjective opinion, but you are priced far too low. When you have such a low price on your gigs, you’re inviting cheap buyers that will harass and nitpick at everything, running off of the assumption that they’re “big spenders” for chucking a $5 your way. This is coming from a 10+ year pro here: you’re worth more than you’re charging right now.

And while I’m shooting myself in the foot helping competition, I care more about helping a writing sister get established than making a buck beating you out for a client - life’s hard enough in this world.

Imagine I’m a buyer, looking at your gig. Here are some thoughts I may have:

Okay, well, her pitch is well-written but maybe she had someone write that for her like all the other scammers I’ve already had trouble with. Hmm.

What is her work like? All I see is one picture here, she probably got that straight from the internet. I’m not seeing any examples, not like that last guy I looked at that had several in his slideshow.

Hm, she’s emphasizing “plagiarism” a lot - she sounds kind of defensive about it. I wasn’t worried about spun or plagiarized content before, but I am now…

A plagiarism -report-? Wow, that’s kind of over the top. Why do I need a plagiarism report? What is she trying to prove?

So she doesn’t mention what she -is- good at writing, only the two things she’s bad at writing. I needed her to write about beauty trends, but do I want someone that maybe lumps in my concept with “many”? That last writer I looked at called out beauty trends as a strength, maybe I should pick that one instead…

So I have to -opt out- of her showing my brand and work to everyone? I’m buying full rights and Fiverr has a checkout option that allows me to say I don’t want my work included. Is she going to show it behind my back if I click no in the system? I’m worried about my proprietary information, now.


It’s so great to have kind people around. Your comments really made me feel validated. I understand how you feel I’ve emphasized on plagiarism a lot, I guess that was mostly catered towards local clients, who’re afraid of spun content because they do get that a lot. I understand that that’s a mistake on my side and I’ll improve it. I’ve taken note of all your suggestions! thankyou so much for helping me out.

Also I feel like I have enough samples of my work on my account; an image, a pdf and a submission from Fiverr as well. However, I can definitely add more stuff to the gig to make it better.

Thanks for all the help ! really appreciate it.


Ahh - what a strange thing! This is what I see:

Versus the bottom “scroll” of my own gig:

Your “small images” don’t show up at all! I never clicked the right arrow because I thought you just had the one image, I didn’t think to look for anything else until you responded in the last post. You may want to consider adding a stock image, border, etc. to those files to indicate there’s something to see…what a bad choice Fiverr’s made to just show it as blank white space like that.


I understand your point, and am working on it. However, I was looking for more advice on how to get more impressions and clicks as I feel my gig activity is too slow. If you could help with that, that would be great.

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You have that because you have sales, those are images from sales portfolio not your own and you only get that scroll thing when you level up.

Promote yourself on Twitter, Facebook Instagram, but use proper promotion. posting every 5 seconds you have gig on Fiverr is not productive.

I created an ad on Twitter that runs once a day but I also interact occasionally so they know I am a real person not a bot. You have Carrie bloger YT channel for more writers help guides.