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Can someone else use my fiverr ID?

Can someone else use my fiverr id on his computer?
He wants to check fiverr through my ID on his computer. Is It possible?
will fiverr authorize it?


I don’t recommend providing your login details to anyone.

I don’t think it’s an issue but you might want to contact support to make sure.

Best of luck.


That is total up to you, but it won’t be advisable to do that.


What if it’s another family member? :thinking: I’ve read recently on the forum that family members can share the same account and provide different gigs within that account.


As far as you do not violate the TOS of fiverr, you are good to let someone use your account.

What-so-ever, I suggest you not to do such thing and to go through fiverr TOS once again.

If you are struggling with a hard time in staying online at fiverr or maybe you are afraid of losing a potentially good clientele of yours.

You could try reading and write in different posts and threads at forum or blog. This way you are getting yourself to be known by the crowd and surely fiverr would give you point of advantage for giving your time to them either on the cost your revenue generation or non-revenue generation.

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However, on different machines having the same network you can do that. Fiverr don’t have any objections regarding this kind of use.

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you are seller right? If he has a fiverr seller account. i think it’s not a good idea

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Ok. thank you.
Appreciate it.

No. He is not a seller.

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If he don’t have a fiverr account in his computer it’s ok because fiverr banned multiple account

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Thank you.
This is helpfull.

This is really helpfull.

I am glad that you find it helpful. :slight_smile:

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He is a friend of mine. We are trying to use same account for different gigs


In the way that you are intending to create multiple accounts via the same machine or by using proxies while staying on the same network. #WRONG. Wanted to make it correct? that’s how?

You can create multiple accounts if you wanted to but need to log-in from the same location every time you uses that account.

Just say you do go to your friend and you did create your account there then he may use that secondary account as long as you do not use any other location to sign-in.

Additionally, you could learn more at fiverr TOS or asking it at fiverr support.

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I would think so because some top rated sellers have teams working from 1 Fiverr account.

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However, they do not share their account. They just share their work. Or part of various task distributed in tiny sections.

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Ok. Thank you very much for your help.

Welcome :sunglasses:

No don’t do that. He should get his own account.

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