Can someone explain fivverr to me? So many questions!


So many things i dont get

1-Why does Fiverr have ap roblem with writing Yelp reviews? What do they care?

2- If your not allowed to write Yelp reviews why do they allow advertisting for it?

3 - If you can’t write Yelp reviews, why are you allowed to write reviews for OTHER companies/prodcuts?

4 - If I want to contact more then one person to write me a review, and so i copy and paste my message to send my message faster to each person, why can’t Fivverr let it go instead of assuming it is spam?

5 - When i copyeid and pasted my messsages, and fivver disabled my messaging cus they thought i was spam, does that mean my messages didnt go through? How do i know this? Is there a sent section that says the person read it or not?

5 - Why does fiverr not have a delete button for messages? Why only archive?

6 - When I contact someone to do a gig, can i give them my personal info or ask theres? Or is that another stupid rule fivverr has?

7 - When I do business withs omeone, at that point are we allowed to exchange info? Or is that another stpuid rule fiverr has?

8 - If I cant give or exchange personal info with someone, what is the point in contacting them?

9 - Why does fiverr have so many stupid rules and stupid complications? Why not just make things simple? Let people do whatever they want!