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Can someone explain how delivery time and order timer work?

I’m a video game journalist who is currently offering news articles through Fiverr. Because of this, it’s pretty important that my articles are ready to publish ASAP, usually within a few hours after the game’s publisher/developer has made the announcement or something has surfaced.

Therefore, the delivery time on my gig is 1 day (the shortest time I can choose). However, when a buyer places an order, the timer starts.

If I have several orders coming in (unlikely, but I am being optimistic here) when I’m asleep or otherwise not working (after I’ve finished for the day), the timer will start regardless.

How exactly does this timer work? Does Fiverr expect freelancers to being working 24/7? What if a buyer places an order on the weekend? Does the timer start for every order in the queue all at once or only for the most recently placed one?

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If you set your gig up for 1 day delivery and the buyer places an order, the timer starts counting backwards for each individual order. So yes, you have to deliver within 24 hours. Make sure to set your delivery time accordingly. If you for example get 5 orders overnight, and your gig is set to 1 day delivery these will all be due in 24 hours. I hope that helps.

Thanks for clearing that up; I really appreciate it.

So, how do I balance giving myself enough time to complete orders in time and displaying an attractive delivery time (obviously I don’t want clients to think that it takes me x days to deliver something that actually takes me no more than an hour or so to write)?

The timer seems like a bit of an issue for freelancers. It looks like I’d need at least 2 - 3 days delivery time, just to cover orders coming in late Friday or over the weekend.

This is a pretty big pitfall for those delivering work that takes little time to complete, as the delivery time will not accurately reflect the time it takes to deliver, assuming the freelancer is actually working and not busy with another order when the order comes in.

What would you suggest I do in this case? Are there any plans to remove or change how the timer/delivery time works?

Maybe just start out with a 3 day delivery and see how it goes. You can always bump it up. For example if you know you already have 2 orders to work on, edit your gig and extend the delivery time for incoming orders. You can do this as often as you would like. I currently have a 3 day delivery. If I get swamped with orders I bump it up to 5 and reverse it when it’s slowing down again.

This depends entirely on how much work you can commit yourself to each day. Since it sounds like you think you might struggle to deliver a high volume of orders in just one day, I’d set delivery at 3 days and emphasise the extra fast one day delivery in my gig description.

I don’t think I’d struggle to deliver a high volume of orders per se, just that Fiverr forces you to be available to 24/7.

When working with clients outside of Fiverr, I’d set my own working hours (so clients wouldn’t even expect me to respond to their email if send when I’m not working) and would be able to advise clients of my workload and commitment to other clients, letting them know how long it would take me to deliver whatever they want or how many articles I could write for their site per day, week, etc.

The way Fiverr is set up doesn’t represent how the average freelancer would manage their own workload and client/customer relations/communication.

The whole “orders can be made and the timer started even on the weekend” is a major problem for me (and I’m sure the same is true for others).

It also seems crazy (or just plain stupid) that every order’s timer begins the movement its place, regardless of whether it’s the first or the last in the order queue. Do they think freelancers are magic and can do work for multiple clients all at once or something? LOL!

I would hope I’m not alone in thinking that there are a few things wrong with how Fiverr’s system works. While it’s great for buyers, it doesn’t offer sellers the flexibility and independence one would expect as someone who works for themselves and manages their own business.

For the meantime (due to not having any new orders so far) I’m going to stick with the 1-day delivery, but will amend this should I be getting more orders in or decide to go freelance full-time.

I’m sure 3 - 4 days would be enough to compensate for weekend orders and orders that are placed outside of my working hours. However, I will mention on my gig page that orders are usually delivered within 24 hours, assuming there isn’t a huge backlog of orders.


Here is a brand new feature that was just introduced by Fiverr which might be helpful :wink:

I had several orders in one time. The queue doesn’t help if you have more than one Gig. They can order them all in one time, you know. Turn on “out of office” mode the moment you get an order, that’s the only way to pevent them from doing this. Fiverr doesn’t understand that we can’t make several jobs in one time.