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Can someone explain me how buyer requests really work?


Could someone explain me why I don’t get any buyer requests for a long time and then suddenly I get 3 at a time? Why are requests active for a short amount of time? How do I know that someone chose my offer? How do I know that someone doesn’t chose my offer? Is the order accepted if I get a message from the buyer or will we first message each other about the offer and then he decides? Because sometimes it is’nt really clear what the buyer wants and I ask him for more details about his offer but I think if he messages me I am already right in the middle of the order without clearly knowing what he wants right? I also read a request where the buyer said that I can message him to get the corresponding file that is needed for the offer but as I know sellers cant message buyers except there is already a accepted order?

So many questions but it is kind of difficult to understand how it works :thinking:

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Fiverr display buyer requests according to your gigs categories and your level, once you’re a level one you’ll get more requests, once you’re a level two you probably won’t bother.

Not sure about that one, but I’d guess the buyer either paused or removed their request.

If they choose your offer you’ll have an order with them, once they accept your offer it becomes an order. You won’t know they didn’t choose your offer unless they message you, which is highly unlikely they would.

They have sent a request and you an offer…no more messages should be necessary assuming their request is clear and your offer has considered their request.

That’s exactly right! Do not send offers if something is not clear or if you decide to do you may just put a high price to make sure they won’t accept, but that will most likely just annoy buyers so I don not recommend.

They probably don’t know how it works either…just move on to the nest request


Hey There!!!
Hoping you are fine and healthy

Actually One of the key Factor is the time zone!!!
Maybe the requests are posted at the time when you have deep night in your zone and you are offline!!!

First of all do experiment and find best time when requests are available

1- When i check buyer requests in morning i got 0-5
but at night around about 12am-2am alot of buyer request shown

2- Clear cache and browsing history if for long time requests are not showing

Regarding offer
1-How you will know your offer accepted?
Answer: Buyer will Either contact you by sending direct message for more details or he/she will choose one of the package displayed on your gig and will place order

2- How to know whether buyer reads my offer?
Answer: You cannot know that does buyer reads your offer or not!!!" but if he reads and found interesting he will surely contact you!

Regarding Order!!!
You will always got notification if buyer place an order either from your gig or either he accepted custom offer which you created!!

and yes seller cant contact buyer first!

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In addition to what others have said, once a request gets 10 offers from new sellers (sellers with no level), other new sellers can neither see that request nor send their offers.


Thank you for this insight.

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Thank you for your response!

@flacmusic I have the same questions and you worded them each perfectly! I hope you are doing well!