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Can someone explain to me HOW this happens?


Waiting on an answer to this very burning question. If any of you have the answer please tell me. HOW? H-O-W? how??? Please do explain if you can…

update: Got a response from the buyer “I didn’t read the whole thing before ordering it and so I bought it but then while I was about to confirm my order I read it and noticed this isn’t what I needed.”


You need to remove the username as that is not allowed on the forum.


woops. One second I will

Fixed it


Send it to CS and see what they say?

I think we’d all be interested to be honest.


Will do. Though I already have a ticket open with them for another issue so I’ll wait til we resolve that. But man, am I dumbfounded. :roll_eyes:



It’s impossible to place an order by mistake/on accident or whatever. Considering the clicks that are involved in finalizing the payment

It’s a bologna excuse!


And THIS is why I can’t wrap my head around h-o-w a buyer does this. I’m convinced it’s buyer remorse, or some other excuses they know is not good enough so they go with the ordered by mistake excuse because its fool proof.

Bologna indeed


You can use the same ticket :wink:


Ah, good tip. Thanks!


Please let us know what CS says about this…
It happened to me once, when I just opened the account :woman_facepalming:… someone thought I could translate to another language that is not mine… Had to agree to cancel, very dissapointed, because this buyer just didn´t read my Gig.


Bologna is the lively, historic capital of the Emilia-Romagna region, in northern Italy… is it what You mean by this word?


I’m referring to bologna sausage.

So, when a person says it’s bologna they mean it’s nonsense or deceptive talk.

Just a pic


Okay I just learnt a new word and I will use it instead of the “lame” …I think bologna is better than lame :smiley:


Yup! That’s why I use it all the time. :smile:


I don’t know either. You literally have to click the button, insert your card information, etc, it makes no sense. They even have to fill out the requirements, otherwise, you can just tell the client it is a credit towards a future order


I think they changed their mind for some reason.


It happened to me twice from the same buyer. He sent the same messages with both orders. He ordered the second “by mistake” one hour after the first “by mistake” order. :flushed:

Just a day or two ago I head this back from CS. I will be interested to see if you get the same response. :thinking:


I had the same EXACT issue yesterday with a buyer. We went round and round about how he could have done this.This is what he wrote: please canceled order i do mistake i will do order later thank you. I did everything I could do give him what he wanted. He was adamant he wanted his money back. When I pressed why, he said it was because he found someone cheaper after ordering from me… Not my fault.

After that, I said I appreciated his interest but did not think he and I could work together in the future if he canceled this order because of the new evaluation system. When I finally sent a dispute, I wrote a scatcing reason why I was agreeing to the cancellation against my better judgment. I wanted FIVERR to see that I was only agreeing to it because I was forced to.

I think that got him thinking, as he declined my request to cancel. He tried to get me to agreed to do it for $5 for 600 words and I told him that wasn’t happening because there are no partial refunds. In the end, I had to accept to do an order of 800 words for $10 because of Fiverr’s own crappy evaluation system holding sellers hostage to buyers just like this. We agreed to do long extension until he was ready to order.

These buyers have a mentality of - we can screw you over - we have control over you; you will do what we say or else. This is the feeling I got.

Why Fiverr insists on holding sellers accountable for buyers’ actions is beyond me. We can’t control their actions; only our own. I was only able to save myself - for now. That doesn’t he won’t try something next week.

Fiverr, are you listening to us yet? Are you coming up and implementing some kind of protection for us sellers? Why do you beholden us to these types of buyers? I am all in Fiverr of a FAIR evaluation system but a system that blames us FOR ALL OF IT is far from fair.


Exactly. And “I changed my mind” is not an sufficient reason for cancellation. So they pulled the “I ordered by mistake” card.


Essentially the same except not as long winded.

Unfortunately, all cancellations are reflected in your Order Completion Rate statistic, and we cannot manually reset it for you.

We are here if you need anything else. "