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Can someone explain what the starred sale means?

I have looked everywhere for what a starred sale means? All I know is I didn’t get a rating all was delivered on time.

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Hello, what do you mean by starred sale? If you mean a review with a certain number of stars, that is what the buyer gave you to rate your gig. They can give you one to five stars to tell others how much they liked what they got from you. It completes the order three days sooner than if they do not leave any review.

Do you mean a review? That depends on your customer whether they want to leave one or not. Don’t worry about it and move on to your next sale.

No on the manage sales screen there is Priority New late delivered completed cancelled then Starred, this is what I don’t understand what it means.

You can choose to star orders on your order page. It’s just something you can use.

Those are the orders that have reviews :slight_smile: The Star and the number adjacent to the star represent the review and score.

I think she means the stars marked when you mark this


and then it shows up here:


Wow, is this a new tab or am I just seeing it for the first time?

I just noticed that. I have one order in progress but there are no starred orders.
I found I can star orders on the other orders page and they will appear there.
Thanks for the explanation fonthaunt.

Sure. I’m really not sure if the tab is new or not. The star feature has been around a while and I just noticed it one day when I wanted to highlight an order the way I would star an email in Outlook. I used it to mark certain orders that I should look at soon and I never really looked around beyond that. I just realized what the OP meant and saw that it was available in the Manage Sales area too.

Yes that is the one! Thanks for the assistance! So is this something I did?

If there are any orders starred then it should mean that you clicked the star “flag” in the order page. The ones that I have marked as starred are ones that I thought were important and I clicked the star. You can click it again to “unstar” it. You can test it on old olders as far as I can tell, the buyer cannot see if you have it starred or not.