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Can Someone from Pakistan have any info.about it?


Hello All!

My Name is Elizabeth. I am Living in Pakistan, Lahore Currently. Fiverr is what I am planning to do ahead. However, I have a small concern which is not regarding fiverr But is a casual concern.

As Freelancers, are we allowed to get the benefit of car leasing. I mean when you go to a bank to get a car finance, You need to be either businessman or a salaried professional. So, is this meant that Freelancers can’t avail this opportunity?

Kindly guide me on this.


Hello, I don’t know about the customs in Pakistan but in the USA anyone with good credit can lease a car no matter what they do for a living. Of course freelancers can lease cars as long as they have good credit.


Asking a local bank manager/employee is the best thing to do. :slight_smile: